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The real reasons you are worried about trying a new organic skincare brand

Your skin is important to you.  We totally understand that.  Even if you haven't yet achieved that flawless glow you are aiming for, you know what works for you and how your skin feels from day to day.  No one understands your skin like you do.  We get it.  We also understand why YOU find it hard to try new products - And no, it isn't always about price.

Because its our job, we understand how sensitive skin can be, especially when swapping to new products so we get how concerned you may be in making a change to a new brand that you have never heard of, thought about or noticed existed before.

You might be really happy with your current brand, or that you just can't justify changing over to something new right now.  However, the real reasons might have more to do with your total fear of breaking out in SPOTS!!!!!!!!!!

You know the drill.  As soon as you try something new, BANG, out pop those all familiar pimples which make you wish you hadn't bothered at all and wasted your money.

However, here is something you probably didn't know -

You will NEVER achieve a perfectly healthy complexion unless you swap your usual products to organic.

Organic skincare products use REAL ingredients from nature, which sink naturally into skin, nourishing it from deep down.  This means that when swapping from what we call 'FAKE' (silicone based) ingredients to real ones, your skin will instantly notice the difference because it can breathe again.  After all, your skin is a living breathing organ.  You will experience your skin naturally shedding dead cells and being properly cleansed and moisturised for probably the first time in years.  Pimples may happen in the first couple of days, but please don't think that this is due to a problem with the organic product you are using.  It isn't.  It is a little bit like changing your diet to healthy eating after years of junk food binging.  Your body will go through a process of removing toxins from your gut and you may experience a tummy ache.  This is exactly how the skin works when removing toxins - minus the tummy ache of course.

The main issue with most skincare products on the mainstream market is that they contain silicone oils and other filler ingredients which form the products 'base' structure (even the ones that claim organic status).  Silicone oils are cheaper, so the companies can make more money.  Bonus for them.  Silicone oils also feel velvety on the skin, so consumers are given the impression that a product is light and applies well.  Even better news for the manufacturers.  HOWEVER - and here is the problem.  A silicone oil is synthetic and does not have the ability to sink into pores like organic oils do.  They literally sit on top of the skin, coating it like cling film.  This does nothing to help skin feel its very best and at worst can actually keep the cycle of poor skin health going.  Even better news for the marketing companies paid to sell these products.

Silicone oils actually make skin look patchy, due to the fact that your pores can't breathe.  So skin that is 100% bare often looks red, patchy and blotchy.  Out comes the makeup bag and you are ready to face the day.  Your skin will never look it's glowing best while silicone oils feature in your daily skincare routine.

Adopt a 3 step ORGANIC routine for your skin - Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising.  Within a few days all the old junk your skin has become used to will have been removed and your skin can naturally being a journey into the best health it has ever experienced.  And that is a promise we make you.  We simply do not use ingredients that can cause skin problems.  It is why we do what we do.  10 years of developing organic skincare products have given fantastic results for our customers so bare with your own skin whilst it transforms into something incredible.

Not even sure what all those long, unreadable ingredients are on the backs of labels?  Get your FREE copy of our A-Z Skincare Ingredients to Avoid ebook when you sign up to our newsletter and find out what's REALLY in your skincare products.




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