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25 healthy habits to start today

Its time to put some action into your new healthy life.  Follow my 25 healthy living habits – starting now.


  1. Think Positive.  A negative thought leads to negative emotions.  Negative emotions leads to poor health.
  2. Drink more water.  A health body needs liquid to survive.
  3. Wake up early.  An early riser has a better focus for the day ahead.
  4. Go to bed early.  Being in bed by 10pm helps the body and mind heal faster.
  5. Eat plant based food.  Make vegetables your new best food friends.
  6. Exercise.  Move your body.  Feel your heart beat.
  7. Practice Yoga.  It helps strengthen your body and balance your mind.
  8. Get outdoors in nature.  Go for a walk.  Get some air.
  9. Read more.  Healthy reading leads to better brain power.
  10. Make ‘to do’ lists.  Having a goal and a focus keeps us aiming higher.
  11. Snack on healthy foods.  Ditch the junk and notice huge health improvements.
  12. Face your fears.  Do something that scares you.  You will become stronger, happier and better able to live a better life.
  13. Have a plan.  No matter what it is.  Create something to focus on.  Having plans keeps us motivated, passionate and alive.
  14. Eat breakfast.  Skipping breakfast can lead to overeating later in the day because your body will need the extra boost.
  15. Set goals.  Big ones and small ones.  And stick to the plan.
  16. Do what makes you happy.  After all, its your life, no-one else’s.
  17. Try new foods.  Eat things you haven’t tried before.  Be open to new tastes.
  18. Stretch.  Stretching your body frees energy and allows for better blood flow.
  19. Learn new things.  Learning keeps us young and our brains alive.
  20. Don’t fear failing.  Failing in something is just life’s way of teaching us how to do things better.  There is no such thing as failure – only lessons.
  21. Don’t fear fear.  Fear is just your mind trying to keep you in your comfort zone.  Break free from fear and you can do pretty much anything you put your mind to.
  22. It’s okay to say NO.  It isn’t selfish to put yourself first sometimes.  Get perspective on your life by saying no occasionally.
  23. Be tough.  You are the only person living inside your mind.  Know your own mind and never be pushed around.  There are too many horrible people ready to give you a shove.
  24. Never give up.  No matter how hard something seems, giving up is never an option.  When you die what will your biggest regrets be?  Do your best.  Try your hardest.
  25. Start these habits NOW.  You can wait until tomorrow, but tomorrow will always be 1 day away.


And remember – if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you


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