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Which Packaging should we choose?

With plastic being so much in the headlines lately, we felt it appropriate to have a chat about it and what we can do about it.


I don't know about you but just lately I have found myself seriously thinking about what I throw in the bin.  Single use plastic has become the worlds biggest environmental problem with EVERYONE talking about how to tackle this mountain of an issue.  Plastic takes several decades to break down (if at all), and our oceans are literally brimming with the stuff.

I have started to remember to take my bag for life with me when I go shopping and buy loose organic fruit and vegetables instead of pre-packed stuff.  YEEY.  Go me!!

However, when it comes to our skincare products, plastic has for many years been THE go to material to keep our products clean, preserved and protected.  It is cheaper, lighter and doesn't get damaged as easy as glass and aluminium so your products are better protected.  But we also understand that as a nation, we use far too much of it. 

So, is Nature's Kitchen going to swap out plastic packaging any time soon?  The answer is simple. NO.

Many consumers are looking for none plastic skincare packaging now.  Glass and aluminium have taken centre stage in the organic skincare industry with many brands now claiming to be plastic free.  However, there is a problem with this new so called 'eco' claim.

Firstly, glass and aluminium both use much more energy to be created in the first place AND if you pop them into the bin, they will NEVER degrade.  Glass will sit in the ground forever, being found a 1000 years in the future by someone probably from another planet by that time, as humans will have long destroyed this earth. Aluminium will rust (eventually), but won't disappear.  The carbon footprint of glass and aluminum is HUGE.  It's not really helping the environment at all is it?  Plastic will actually degrade, but will take around 100 years.  Ouch.

So what is the solution?

Rather than looking for none plastic solutions, we should actually be focusing on RECYCLING them better. 

Glass, Aluminium AND plastic packaging can all be recycled and Nature's Ktichen use packaging that can 100% be recycled.  Nothing needs to go to land fill these days, its just crazy to think that with all the technology the world has now, recycling seems to still be falling short of the mark.  Recycled plastics are popping up everywhere, from clothing and shoes to car interiors.  My own cars interior is recycled plastic and I am very proud of this.

I totally agree that we MUST get rid of plastic bags, BLACK plastic that recycling centres can't actually recycle because the black conveyor belts can't scan black plastic and plastic lined milk cartons.  These DO end up in landfill and land is running out.  Manufacturers need to think differently

But skincare that use plastic isn't the enemy.  Focusing on recycling methods and improving current collection systems MUST be where we now focus our mindsets.

Ocean based plastic problems isn't down to you and me.  This problem comes from the cruise liners that are legally allowed to dump their waste at sea, hundreds of miles away from shore.  It's just not good enough and this is where we need our protests. 

PHEW!!!!!  Ok, rant over.  But seriously though, lets look at the real problem with plastic, instead of blanketing it all in a single 'PLASTIC IS THE ENEMY' Notion.

What are YOUR thoughts?  We would love to hear from you so please leave us a comment below xxx



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