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Hydration Boost Oil Treatment

Our Hydration Boost Oil Treatment is designed to give a little extra TLC to skin when it needs an extra moisture boost. Infused with anti ageing ingredients, this oil is best suited for drier or more mature skin types, who would benefit a gentle and nourishing boost.

To get the best from our oil, apply 1 - 2 drops to finger tips and dab gently over face, under eye area or even over lips as needed to create a super glossy shine. Massage in gently until completely absorbed. This oil will gently lighten and brighten whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you have super dry skin use before your moisturiser to give extra TLC to skin as needed, especially before bed.

EXTRA TIP - You only need a tiny drop of oil which will easily then sink into skin fast. Organic oils spread over a larger surface area and sink into the skin better.

For dry and mature skin types

Enzyme Rich Utlimate Glow Face Mask

Our Enzyme Rich Ultimate Glow Face Mask is your little spa skin treatment at home. Designed to exfoliate and brighten the complexion, natural fruit enzymes in our mask will really draw out impurities and refresh tired looking skin - just little a professional skin peel but without the harsh chemicals.

To get the best from our mask, apply a generous layer to dry skin and leave for 5-10 minutes to allow the ingredients to infuse deep into the skins layers. Wet palms and gently massage skin to promote natural exfoliation, using fingertips for up to 1 minute to sloth away dead skin cells - just like a deep cleanse. Wipe away with a damp cleansing cloth or wet fingertips and pat skin dry. Use 2 to 3 times a week for maximum results.

EXTRA TIP - Our mask contains enzymes which can leave skin looking a little pink after use. This is completely normal and means that the product has done its job by boosting circulation of blood under the skin. *If your skin is prone to sensitivity, leave on skin for a few moments less and gently wipe clean.

For all skin types

Skin Nourishing Eye & Lip Treatment

Our Skin Nourishing Eye & Lip Treatment is designed to work with the thinner skin of the eyes and lips, whilst giving those areas a super rich boost of moisture to help prevent lines and wrinkles forming.

To get the best from our eye and lip treatment, take a small amount and dot over lips and/or under eyes as needed. Massage in completely as you would apply a moisturiser.

As a lip butter, apply throughout the day to keep lips soft and hydrated, as well as before bed for best results.

For eyes, dot a tiny amount around the eye area after cleansing and massage very gently until absorbed. Use morning and especially before bedtime to super treat your delicate eye area.

EXTRA TIP - You only need a tiny amount as this product is super thick and creamy. The skin on the lips has no oil glands so this butter rich texture really helps to soften and moisturise lips. Think - Less is more!! You don't want a creamy slick.

For all skin types