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4 Tips to Winter Proof your Skin

Central heating turned up?  Skin feeling a little dull and lacking something?    Follow our quick guide to winter proof your skin.


When the weather turns cooling and we start wrapping up and turning up our heating systems, our skin can feel a little less than healthy to say the least.  We have some top tips to keeping your skin hydrated during the cooler months so you can head into Spring with a healthy glow.


1 -  Hydrate

Hydration keeps skin soft and protected and stops it drying out.  A very important factor during cooler winter months.  Your skin needs to be hydrated so that it doesn't feel flaky and tight.  You need to hydrate your skin through an intake of fluids into your body.  You won't be able to hydrate your skin from the outside, despite what skincare marketing might tell you.   Hydration should form part of your healthy skin DIET by drinking plenty of water containing fluids.  These include -

Plain old water - ice cold from the fridge actually tastes nice.

Infused herbal Tea blends - I love lemon and ginger personally but there are so many options to choose from.

Fruit water (hot or cold) - Simply blend some fruit into a glass of water.

Avoid - Alcohol and soft fizzy drinks as these will both dehydrate your skin and lead to wrinkles and premature ageing.  Sorry Peeps.  Diet drinks will not save you.

You don't have to drink 2 litres of water a day.  This is a myth.  As long as you regularly keep your fluid intake up, and avoid skin sucking nasties, all will be well.


2 - Moisturise

Moisturise your skin topically with good quality skincare products that do not contain silicone oils.  Silicone will block pores and leave skin feeling sore, itchy and uncomfortable. Moisture comes from external application so avoid sulphates and other harsh chemicals found in body washes and creams.  Look for Natural ingredients such as those found in Nature's Kitchen (ooooo couldn't resist a little plug).  

Make sure you are moisturising EVERY day.  Skipping your routine because you are busy, tired, can't be bothered, won't help your skin look and feel its best.  QUICK-TIP - Moisturise after showering or bathing when skin is still warm and soft.  This is the best time for your skincare ingredients to sink into skin, leaving it perfectly moisturised.


2 - Exfoliate

One of the biggest and most important skin care factors includes regularly exfoliating your skin.  Many people simply overlook this skincare step and this is a real problem.  Skin that has been gently exfoliated feels smoother and looks brighter.  Dull skin is usually dry skin, so exfoliating with natural, gentle scrubs will keep your face and body looking its best even when the temperatures plummet.  Exfoliating will also help your skincare products to work better, keeping skin healthier looking all day long. 

Try to exfoliate at least 3 times a week.  NEVER use harsh and abrasive scrubbing pads on your skin.  Skin is sensitive and gentle and WILL tear very easily, leaving red patches and broken capillary veins. YUK.


4 - Eat properly

When we say EAT PROPERLY, what we mean is, Eat what the human body was designed to eat.  Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices and Whole Grains will keep skin looking its best.  Our skin really does look better and you will age slower if your diet is rich with healthy, colourful fruits and vegetables because fruits and vegetables contain literally 1000's of compounds vital for skin health.  Avoid skin sucking processed foods, alcohol, sugar and junk food as these will not give you any nutritional benefit and will suck the life out of your skin.


These simple tips will help keep your skin healthy and glowing ready for anything no matter what the weather is doing out there.



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