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Yes. We pride ourselves on only using pure, organic ingredients in our products. 

Yes.  We only use natural, plant based ingredients in our products.  We never use anything derived from animals or animal based ingredients.

Our products are designed just like a great diet.  For everyone to be healthy.  So all products suit most skin types including sensitive skin.  In addition, under each product, you will be able to see which skin type it suits best.  For instance, if you have oily skin you may prefer our light creme moisturiser instead of a face oil, etc.

Our products are designed with healthy skin in mind.  So, just like eating a healthy diet will give you glowing, healthy skin no matter what your skin type is, our products all use natural ingredients that are also good for the skin when eaten.  This means that you can opt for our essentials range of products, then add to those products as needed.

• Oily skin feels greasy to the touch and is prone to breakouts and large pores, so requires a lighter approach. 

• Dry skin feels slightly tight and can flake when exposed to extreme weather conditions and daily pollution. 

• Normal to combination skin feels generally ok, but can experience dullness from time to time, as well as shine. 

Everyone ages.  This is a fact of life.  The difference between having great skin throughout your entire life and looking years older than you really are is down to several key factors.  1 - Your diet is key to maintaining healthy skin cells that renew correctly, keeping skin soft, supple and glowing.  A bad diet will age your skin. This is a fact.  Our products contain ONLY ingredients found in nature, and ingredients that you get from a healthy diet.  Ingredients such as kale, spinach, strawberries, apricots, fennel, papaya, mango, pineapple, watermelon, apple, cucumber, avocado, kiwi, fig, oats, orange and guava all can be found in our skincare products, just to name a small number of the actual ingredients that we pride ourselves on.  Daily use of our super food charged products will promote a natural health that your skin deserves. 2 - Stress and lifestyle is also a key factor in poor skin health, as is 3 - exposure to the ageing effects of the sun.  So if you truly want to have great skin and look great, no matter what your age, follow a healthy diet, use beautiful super food skincare products, reduce your stress and stay out of the sun.

We use zinc oxide in our moisturisers in order to help protect the skin from the UVA (ageing) and UVB rays of the sun.  However, the UVA (burning) rays of the sun require additional chemical ingredients to be added, which we really feel strongly against using.  Ingredients used in sun block products can actually be harmful and are carcinogenic (cancer forming) and actually age the skin.  This is completely the opposite of what we want for our customers.  Ingredients such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate are found in most standard sun block creams.  Try to avoid putting anything containing these ingredients onto your skin.  Instead, stay out of the sun or wear a wide brim hat to prevent your skin from burning.  Your looks will thank you for it in the long run.

We pride ourselves on our products working well together, and so have incorporated a number system on the front of the labels to show you which products to use and when.  So for instance, everything with a number 1 is our step 1 product and should be used first in your routine.  Step 2 comes next, etc. etc.

We understand how sensitive skin can be, especially when swapping to new products so we understand how concerned you may be in making a change to a new brand.

The main issue with, well, most skincare products on the market is that they contain silicone oils which act as the products base structure.  Silicone oils are cheaper, so the companies can make more money.  Bonus for them.  Silicone oils also feel velvety on the skin, so consumers are given the impression that a product is light and applies well.  HOWEVER - and here is the problem.  A silicone oil is synthetic and does not have the ability to sink into pores like organic oils do.  They sit on top of the skin, coating it a bit like a plastic wrap.  This doesn't nothing to help skin feel its very best, and at worst can actually keep the cycle of poor skin health going.  Even better news for the marketing companies paid to sell these products.

Organic skincare products use REAL ingredients, which sink into skin, nourishing it from deep down.  This means that when swapping from 'FAKE' ingredients to real ones, your skin will instantly notice the difference.  You will experience your skin shedding dead cells and being properly cleansed and moisturised for probably the first time in years.  Pimples may happen in the first couple of days, but please don't think that this is due to a problem with the products.  It isn't.     It is a little bit like changing your diet to healthy eating after years of junk food binging.  Your body will go through a process of removing toxins from your gut and you may experience a tummy ache.  This is exactly how the skin works when removing toxins - minus the tummy ache of course.

Adopt a 3 step routine for your skin - Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising.  Within a few days all the old junk your skin has become used to will have been removed and your skin can naturally being a journey into the best health it has ever experienced.  And that is a promise we make you.  We simply do not use ingredients that can cause skin problems.  It is why we do what we do.  10 years of developing organic skincare products have given fantastic results for our customers so bare with your own skin whilst it transforms into something incredible.

Enjoy your new skin journey xx



Absolutely NOT.  Animal testing has been illegal in the UK since 1997 and banned completed throughout the world since 2013.  We would NEVER need to test ingredients on animals anyway as our ingredients are pure, found in nature and are good for your skin and health.  Rabbits would get very soft, healthy fur if they used our products.

Our products have always been tested on humans with very happy results.


Strictly speaking, a product that has been dermatology tested simply means that it has been tested on SKIN.  All our products undergo actual human trials before we give them the thumbs up for sale.  We don't pay for a human with a certificate to tell us that our products are good for the skin.  Our customer feedback over the last decade has proven our track record for us.


Unlike many skincare brands on the market, we actually make our own products in-house.  This means that most days we are very busy making our wonderful skincare products and so by working with Lovelula's distribution services who take care of our customers requirements for us, we are free to create new and exciting products, safe in the knowledge that orders are being processed and shipped out to customers on our behalf.

Head over to Lovelula.com to see our full range - https://www.lovelula.com/t/brands/natures-kitchen-organic-skincare