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Hydration Boost Treatment Oil

A light oil that sinks into the skin quickly leaving no oily or greasy after feel.

  • Size: 30ml Bottle Boxed
  • Price: £35.99
  • Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination
  • Texture: Light oil. Just 1 or 2 drops is enough and spreads easily.
  • Smells like?: Hint of coffee oil.




A great facial oil should sink into the skin quickly without leaving any heavy residue and be able to form part of your daily skin care routine with ease.

Designed to gently nourish and protect the skin, yet light enough to use under your makeup, our Hydration boost oil treatment has been carefully created using the very best natural ingredients, combined with high end anti ageing ingredients including pseudo collagen, vitamins C and E, coffee oil and turmeric root extract.

For details and full ingredients list please head over to Love Lula or Man Organic



Why our ingredients are key

Organic grape seed (vitis vinifera) oil - Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Coconut oil (caprylic/capric triglyceride) - Reduces inflammation, keeps skin moisturised and helps heal wounds. The medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil also possess antimicrobial properties that can help treat acne and protect the skin from harmful bacteria.

Olive Squalane - Balances oil production, providing just enough moisture to keep the skin clear and healthy. Squalane oil also has powerful anti-aging properties and will help the skin age gracefully as well as anti-inflammatory benefits to help with skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

Organic Papaya (carica) fruit extract - Antioxidant Rich. Papaya is very rich in Vitamin A, B, C and carotenoids, antioxidants that help to fight off the appearance of aging and sun damage. Papaya helps your skin look more rejuvenated and tight. It also may have some anti-inflammatory benefits helping your skin look less irritated and red.

Oatmeal (avena sativa) extract - Oatmeal has rich anti-oxidant properties and helps undo damage done to your skin by pollution, UV rays and chemicals. Oats helps reduce itching and inflammation and can be used to calm eczema and heal psoriasis. Owing to its healing, moisturising and anti-oxidant properties, oatmeal is effective in soothing sunburn.

Jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis) - Soothes Dry Skin. Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help to tame chaffing and chapping, reduce redness caused by drying, ease the effects of eczema and rosacea, and keep skin calm and comfortable. The Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins in the Jojoba oil help in skin repair and damage control.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) - Can help reduce the appearance of scars. Free radicals also make it harder for scars to heal. An antioxidant which helps soften skin.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - Age and sun damage cause us to lose collagen, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin. Vitamin C boosts your skin's collagen production to give you firmer, more plump skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C help fight free radicals and damage caused by UV radiation.

Coenzyme Q10 extract - Collagen is important because it makes your skin firm, while elastin gives your skin flexibility. The loss of collagen and elastin causes your skin to wrinkle and sag. CoQ10 also helps the skin by acting as a strong antioxidant. It helps to neutralize the harmful free radicals that are one of the major causes of aging.

Pseudo Collagen (faex extract) - It imparts greater elasticity, more resilience and a youthful look to skin through its moisture-binding and film-forming properties. Pseudo Collagen has excellent moisturising properties giving the skin a more supple, healthy appearance.

Coffee (coffea arabica) seed oil - Helps boost circulation and helps the appearance of dark circles under eyes.

Organic Rosehip oil (rosa rubginosa) - Rich in skin-friendly vitamins. Rosehip oil is bursting with vitamins A, C, D and E – antioxidants needed to keep skin youthful and healthy. Their natural anti-inflammatory effect helps protect the skin's surface.

vitamin A (retinol palmitate) - Protects against UV damage and slows signs of aging. Encourages healthy skin cell production. Evens skin tone and gives you a glow.

Turmeric (curcuma longa) root extract - Protects against sun damage and reduces the appearance of dark circles and pigmentation.